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Cookie, cookie, cookie...

So it's Monday, we all know I don't do well on Mondays. Today is actually going by kinda fast though so it's not too bad. Last night we had our first snow here in beautiful Colorado! It was so pretty :) I'm currently in the midst of organzing my very first "Ugly Christmas Sweater & Cookie Exchange Party". I'm beyond excited for this little shin-dig. As my mom said "Ugly Sweaters & pretty Cookies sounds like a good time!"

The rules and regs for a good time!
1. Bring two dozen cookies
2. Bring a copy of your recipe to share
3. You can bring a container to take your cookies home if you would like
4. If you don't bake or have time bakery cookies are ok!
5. Wear and ugly Christmas sweater, the ugliest will win a prize

I'm having the guests rsvp what cookies they are bringing to avoid having multiples of the same recipe this way we have a good variety. I think I'm going to make a few batches just to snack on too. We will be servi…

Happy Thanksgiving 2010...

I just love holidays because you get I get to have all my family in one place at one time! Today I had time around 2pm with my family than I had to work from 4:30-7:30, my roommates are cooking here too so that will be round two for me! It's been super duper dead here at work so I finally got to watch part 2 of the Bad Girls Club reunion. Which just happens to be my gross guilty pleasure! he he he! I just can't help myself.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day filled with loved one whether they be family or friends. I know I have soo soo much to be thanksful and I just feel blessed for everything.

Happy Thanksgiving!

xoxo. Ren

Baby booties are next on the list...

Monday is over and I'm laying in bed all snuggled in my flannel polka dot sheets my Jerbear got me last year for Christmas, and let me tell ya these babies keep you warm warm warm! All in all today was a pretty ok day. I did need to run to the store and to the post office when I got off work but that didn't happen. Tomorrow is a new day and those places will be there. I did however manage to finish a monkey hat, an earwarmer, and another hat that will probaly end up being an owl hat. Other than those projects and working I did three loads of laundry, cleaned my bathroom and mopped! I watched a couple episodes of intervention then decided to browse Ravelry and Etsy for a baby boy bootie pattern to go with the monkey hat I made which is a custom order and came out really cute. For only crocheting for about a year now I am really starting to learn how to design stuff from scratch. It really cool and way different from knitting (which will always be my first love!).

I found t…

A night of rest for me and my hands....

I decided to take the night off from crocheting and let my wrists rest. I use them all day long for work and then I'm knitting and crocheting while I'm working and I don't want them to burn them out since I have quite the work load yet to work on. I did finish 2 more owl hats and a green peoni hat.

Not much else is really going on around these parts. Jeremiah and I need to find a good spot to take our annual Christmas pictures. I would like to take a little trip up to the mountains but we shall see. I'm so excited for the holiday seeason. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping which is AWESOME! Then I can focus on all the fun and meaningful parts of the season. This year since I am staying with friends we will be decorating here. It will be pretty neat since this is going to be the first year they have ever put up a full size Christmas tree and went all out with decorating. I just love the feeling of holidays. Last year felt weird for some reason and I…

My monday is finally over...

Mondays are the hardest day of the week for me. I do not like them at all. I always feel like I need at least an extra three hours of sleep when I get up in the morning and feel sluggish all day. I don't usually do anything over the weekend to make me feel this way, I'm just simply not a Monday person. I'm just so glad I work from home and don't have to get ready in the morning. This evening was the first night of the cold season that I had to scrape ice off my windshield. That is another wonderful thing I don't have to worry about this winter.

I have tons of custom orders I'm working on. I've been getting them almost daily! I think it's great that people want to wear my goods :) At the moment I am working on three owl hats. I just need to put the eyes on them and they are complete and ready to warm up someone's noggin! I so wish I had the money and the space to buy every color of the rainbow in yarn and in bulk so I wouldn't have to ma…

Finished Friday...

This morning the weather was pretty dang chilly when I was leaving my boyfriend's apartment. I wish I had my hooded scarf! I love that thing it's soo c-o-z-y! I stopped off at 7-11 on my home/work and grabbed a pumpkin spice/french vanilla cocktailed cappicino. What a combo it was delicious! I got home and got crocheting and working right away. I actually have quite a few custom orders to fill and I'm trying to knock them out as soon as I can becuase I want to make some gifts for Christmas too.

Here is was got completed this week:

I really like how these all came out!

xoxo. Renae

Sleep is good, sleep is great...

My Wednesday wishes this week will be about cute sleep stuff. I love pretty beds, blankies, and pillows! I feel like I get the best sleep in the fall and winter because it's cooler, I hate to be hot when I sleep. Hate is a strong word but yes I hate it. Me waking up from a nap hot or sweaty is just a recipe for grouchines! hee hee hee!

Let's start with some beautiful beds!

.Found Here.

.Found Here.

I just love these two beds they are so dang pretty, I would have some sweet sweet dreams if I had one.

Now for a little pillow talk...

.Found Here.

.Found Here.

Quilts are my most favorite thing to sleep with, they are so pretty, warm, and extremely cozy once you break them in! Here is one I wouldn't mind having...

.Found Here.

What are your wishes this wednesday??

xoxo. Ren

Last couple weeks in review...

This last month has totally flown by! So here is a little run down of what I have been up to lately.

This past weekend I we had our biggest craft show of the season the Holiday Fair at the State Fair grounds. I sold a ton! I was so happy that people loved my stuff. Some people bought multiple items. It was fun to watch pick out what they wanted and try stuff on themselves and their kids. I got a few custom orders to fill as well so I need to get those done this week. My dad made all the at stands and the scarf display in the photos. He is so awesome! I'm so glad and thankful to have a handy daddy.

Now for the Halloween preview... Jeremiah and I went to a Ween Concert on Broomfield Colorado. It was really fun. I loved the hotel we stayed in too, It was a two bedroom suite right next to a cool shopping center. That evening we went and ate at Jason's Deli before we started getting ready for the show. Jeremiah was Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama and I was a scary doll. Here are some pho…

1st ever givaway winner...

Congrats! Thanks to all my readers who read my blog! I know more people read than leave comments so thanks for the support :) Adria you will recieve your gift shortly!

xo. Ren