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Hello Pretty!...

The perfect outfit for early Sping weather in Colorado.

hello lovely by pandamonium83 featuring Hello Kitty t shirts

A look back on my week...

This week seemed kinda long it snowed it was so pretty! Here are my Volkswagen all chilly and covered in snow.

I got a new laptop a couple weeks ago and look at these super cute stickers I put on my keyboard to jazz it up!

Here it is boring :(

Here it it beautified!

I made this wreath for my door a couple days ago...I really love the little hedgehog! I'm ready for Spring.

Tonight at church I they had a "T-Party" where everyone was going to dress up as some that started with a letter "T". I went as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. I made my hat last minute today and I think it came out pretty cute and borrowed a shirt from my bro-in-law Trevor. Thanks TREV!

It was a pretty good week. I finally got some crafties done :) Hopefully next week is even more productive.

Music I'm listen to right now: Charlotte Gainsbourg, I love it!


Molten Monday...

Today was a lonnng day at work, but at least I'm off tomorrow! Then I went to dreaded Wal-Mart with my cousin/roomate and her girls. It took forever! I HATE going to Wal-Mart, I really do. Then I met up with Jer and we went to dinner at Chili's and I got a molten chocolate cake for my birthday month for free, it was soo tasty!!

Tomorrow I don't have any plans yet just go by my parents and hang out a bit. It's snowed all day yesterday and a little today so I hate really driving in these conditions but I'll make do.

I hope you all have a great week and if someone wants to tell me how to make a add my blog button/link I would be happy to added your blog to the top of my list <---- of "Scrumptious Blogs". Even a link with instructions on how to make would would be cool.

xo. Renae

Look what I got!...

This was the second part of my Valentine's Day from my sweet little boyfriend! I've used it a little bit and I love it. Just a short post I'll post pics of my yarn cakes I made tomorrow with my winder :)

nite nite!
xo. NaeNae

To the craft cave!...

I can't believe I'm still awake! I should be fast asleep dreaming about treehouses, shoes, and sno-cones!! It 2 a.m. mountain standard time and I gotta work in five hours so I gotta make this post quick. I've been up organizing my pictures on my external hard drive. I try to keep that thing organized but then get caught of in the memories of the photos. I'm gonna share some photos tonite/morning of some of my past and present craft rooms aka craft caves. I can't even tell you how much I can't wait to buy a house so I can customize my perfect craft room and have everything in it's perfect little place. Until then I will dream about it.

Wow looking at all these makes me think about all the times I've moved. I wish I had pictures of all the craft rooms I've ever had. P.S. Excuse the messes in the photos I'm a crazy crafter :)

Have a super weekend!
xo. Rennie

Week winding down...

It's been quite a few days since the last post! Not much has happened that how exciting my life is these days. Don't get me wrong I like it that way. Valentine's Day was great. I went to church, breakfast with the Cruz fam ( Jeremiah's Fam), then shopping a little bit, then to a Valentine's shindig at my rents. It was fun. We had a nacho bar with all the fixing, exchanged Valentine's, I painted my nieces nails, attempted to play Simpsons scene it and failed, and just hung out. I ate way too many cookies and cupcakes that's for sure but they were so tasty and I have zero
self control wwhen it comes to frosting on pretty much anything.

Yesterday my ma and I went to Colorado Springs to go have some post birthday Joe's Crab Shack lunch. I had coconut shrimp with plum sauce! My favorite!!! We did a teeny bit of shopping and I scored some super cute boots on clearance at American Eagle, I heart sales! They we grabbed some passion tea from Starbucks and hea…

My favorite couples...

In honor of the upcoming holiday here are my favorite cute, sweet, and lovely couples that I just adore. Don't you just love them too?

What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Do you have a special Valentine?

I'm lucky I do!

xoxo. Rennie


1 a : to give up resentment of or claim to requital for
b : to grant relief from payment of
2 a : to cease to feel resentment against
b : pardon

This is the definition given in the Webster Dictionary. Who knew forgiveness had four parts to it? It all makes sense. Forgiveness is something I have struggled with over the last two years or so. Several people whom I considered my family and friends let me down in a big way. People I trusted, loved, and would go out of my way for. As much hurt that was caused by everything that happened I've finally asked God for the strength to help me forgive them. I've moved on and so have they. I feel much better now knowing that I can forgive. I don't like to harbor hate or bad feelings so I'm happy to be free of those things. I vow to forgive and be happy those who hurt me.

Thanks for reading!


(all inmages found on weheartit)

My recent Etsy buys...

I bought a new computer with some of my birthday loot and needed a cute decal/skin. I found this one on Etsy that is super cute and afforable. I can't wait to get it :)

I got it here: Novetly Gallery

I also go this little cutie...I LUFF! necklaces that connect on both sides of the pendant. I have a ton of them :)

I got it here: Bunny Logic

Just thought I was share some recent cute buys. Goodnite. xoxoxo.

Just another manic Monday...

My "birthday week" has finally came to an end. It was a great week to say the least. I got two birthday parties one Thursday and one Friday. It was great! I got some really nifty gifts, some $$, a massage, and some really nice cards. Most of all I got to spend my day with people I love most.

It snowed yesterday and allll day today. Luckily I work from home so I never even left my house today. I love the snow but hate driving in it. So I stay put unless someone wants to come and get me to go somewhere :)

Crafting has been a bit slow for me lately. I embroidered a "Daniel Johnston" piece for a friend and I'm now working on a simple scarf for my bf's grandma which I need to get serious about. This is the second one she ordered and that was before Christmas. I also have a whole list of other projects I need to get on but until that scarf is done I'm not starting or finishing anything else. OH! and my dad made me a super rad shelf for my crafts st…