To the craft cave!...

I can't believe I'm still awake! I should be fast asleep dreaming about treehouses, shoes, and sno-cones!! It 2 a.m. mountain standard time and I gotta work in five hours so I gotta make this post quick. I've been up organizing my pictures on my external hard drive. I try to keep that thing organized but then get caught of in the memories of the photos. I'm gonna share some photos tonite/morning of some of my past and present craft rooms aka craft caves. I can't even tell you how much I can't wait to buy a house so I can customize my perfect craft room and have everything in it's perfect little place. Until then I will dream about it.

Wow looking at all these makes me think about all the times I've moved. I wish I had pictures of all the craft rooms I've ever had. P.S. Excuse the messes in the photos I'm a crazy crafter :)

Have a super weekend!
xo. Rennie


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