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Welcome winter, Welcome 2011...

A little view from my window.
It's finally actually snowing here in Pueblo, Colorado! Other than the fact that the roads are completely icy and I can't really drive anywhere I soo happy it's snowing. It's been coming down since about 3 pm Thursday off and on and right now (around mid-night) there is a pretty steady downfall of flakes. What a perfect way to end a pretty good year. Not too much has really happened this year but it was pretty good to me. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year and all it's surprises it brings.

Here are some goals I've decided to work on in 2011!
* Pay off some bills
* Get a DSLR
* Build my savings account
* Buy a new car
* Lose 10 lbs.
* Ride my bike a ton
* Go on a little camping trip this summer
* Discover 5 new bands
* Go to more shows
* Load/Update my Etsy shop
* Participate in at least 3 craft shows
* Build my stock for the craft shows
* Get my blood sugar under control
* Go to Zumba

Most of the goals are fairly simple and shou…

Christmas 2010 was a great one...

I have the cutest nieces ever! This is their little Christmas picture they had taken this year. I love it.

This has been one of the most relaxing Christmas' ever. Besides the whole crocheting my butt off even on Christmas Eve thing it was awesome. I spent the first part of my day working and running errands then that evening went to my parents to spend time with my family. My brother and his girlfriend cooked a yummy ham dinner. After we ate we just hung out, took a family photo (look for it later this week), and exchanged gifts. I got some pretty amazing things but the best thing I got was the time I get to spend with my family. I know alot of people don't get to be with their families for the holidays for one reason or another so I am just grateful I am able to. After we opened gifts at my parents I went over to Jeremiah's parents to hang out and exchange more gifts and also have a "white elephant exhange" too. It was really fun and kinda hilarious because…

Only 4 more days....

I'm done shopping, I'm done wrapping! I'm still working on some Christmas orders though. Hopefully tomorrow I will be done. I have been scarce online lately due to all the orders and work. I love the holidays but man they are busy. I haven't really even done much baking either.

How is your holiday season going!?

Merry Christmas!

Wednesday Window Shopping V.1...

Happy Holidays! Today is the first day of December in case you didn't know - which means you only have 24 shopping days until Christmas left!! This is the first year EVER that I have actually been on top of my shopping through out the year. This only leaves me with a select few I still need gifts for.

So instead of doing my "Wednesday Wishes" post I'm changing it to "Wednesday Window Shopping"! I think more than likely this will be a permanent change since I LOVE SHOPPING. So here we go...

I think this would make a really awesome gift for that studdly coffee or hey even cocoa drinker in your family or a quirky friend! I have a set minus the mustaches (I wish I had these instead) I love them :)


Now how about these for the cute and fun baker in your family!? I just think they are soo cute and I have been drooling over them for quite sometime. I have no idea why I haven't bought them yet.


I think these lovely Moccasin Slippers would make such a…