Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad Coffee...

I woke up in time today to make my lunch, coffee and even braid hair before work! I didn't realize I made my coffee different than usual and made it extremely STRONG!!! Don't get me wrong I love it nice and strong where you get that yummy coffee flavor not just sugar and milk flavor. OH man but let me tel ya this was intense it was like I just ate a dang bag of coffee beans straight! I dumped have of it out and put some crappy work coffee in my spiffy mug. It still wasn't that great but I had to choke it down anyway if I wanna lkeep my job since it requires me to stay awake to do it properly. Hee hee most of the time!! ;) I found out my new work schedule and I also found out today I will be getting a new supervisor. At first I wasn't thrilled at having to get a new schedule since as I've posted before I really don't mind the one I have now. My new one will consist of working Monday thru Thursday with Friday off, a half day on Saturday, and Sunday off. It wasn't even one of my top 20 choices but I think I got a good one.
When I get off work this evening I think I might either take a dip in the pool or go for a little bike ride. Both sound nice to me!

All the mugs in the post can be found here PerpetualKid. I love all the goofy stuff they have in their store. I want all these mugs in my collection they are so rad.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Ready to take flight...

Images found via WEHEARTIT

So I have purchased my ticket for my flight to Omaha at the end of August. I'm going out to visit my dear friend Adria and her adorable little family. I miss her so much and haven't been out since her baby shower. Since she has had her little bundle of joy and I can't wait to meet the little babe. She will be having her swank little wedding while I'm out there as well and I can't wait for that either. I can't decide what to wear I have about three dress to choose from but just can't come to a decision. We will see maybe I'll just take them all with me, if you know me at all or even if you don't I'm telling you I NEVER pack light. Oh I try but then it's like what if this happens, what if it's cold, what if we are doing alot of walking, blah, blah, blah and then poof my suitcase is packed to the brim!

Kevin, Emory, & Adria

I've also purchased my bridesmaid dress for my friend Kristen's wedding in October. These next few months are gonna fly by because I'm gonna be so busy! Should all be fun though and that's just fine with me!

What are your plans for the end of the summer or upcoming fall season??

Sunday, July 25, 2010

I love you Dexter...

Just enjoying my Sunday evening watching numerous episode of Dexter and relaxing. I love having Sundays off it's soo nice. Today I woke up went to church, then went and picked Jeremiah up for brunch. We went to Super Salad, I love that place it's so yummy! After we ate we when to Target then back home. We watched a movie called "Case 39" it was mighty good! I would recommend it if you like thrillers/suspense. We then took a little nap then I went and visted my rents for a little bit, then I came home, cleaned, and now I'm sitting here watching Season Two of Dexter. I LOVE this show. Rhonda and I are seriously hooked. I'm off to enjoy watching this hottie and cleaning out my e-mail box, I hate spam. I hope Monday & Tuesday fly by this week!

xoxo. Rennie

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dancin' in the rain...

My little sis had a run in with some Kings of Leon tickets last minute. She asked me to go with go so of course I was on board. We got out of town as soon as I got out of work, came home took a quick shower and got dressed. It was still extremely hot here in Pueblo so I thought I would wear a comfy sundress. We hit the road and headed north for Denver and of course hit a major rainstorm on the way. This Colorado weather is insane not to mention I was not really wearing rain friendly attire. I knew I should have wore my rain boots!!!! So it pretty much continued to rain the entire time. The drive up, through dinner at “Gunther Toody’s” ( a 50’s themed diner in Denver) , and through the whole concert. Luckily I never leave home un-prepared and I packed some extra clothes which I changed into at the diner.
At the show we danced in rain to some awesome tunes and got totally soaked! “Built to Spill” opened up for K-O-L and they were pretty great too.
So I failed to mention that we parked about two blocks away from the venue in a “free” parking lot - which consisted of weeds and dirt. We left the show prior to the encore because we wanted to beat the insane traffic that would be sure to follow. I drive a 1998 Volkswagen GTI…NOT the best to drive up a dirt hill after it has been raining for hours and has now turned into mud. So yea we drove half way up the little hill and pretty much slid right back down, after a couple more failed and scary attempts I backed it up and took a different route. We finally made it! I was pretty scary, I had no idea driving on mud was worse than driving on ice. My car just went pretty much wherever it wanted and luckily we didn’t hit any parked cars when sliding because we came VERY close! The ride home was smooth and seemed pretty short which I was thankful for since I was a little tired.

Here are some pics from the day:

Monday, July 19, 2010

2-DO's for the week!....

Images from Bakerella.com

Mondays suck...I hate them. Always have probaly always will until I'm old and retired and all my days run together and I don't even know it's Monday then it won;t even matter. The only good thing about today is the fact that here at work they are having ice cream sundaes! Which is Awesome. I luff icecream. I got vanilla with strawberries, reeses pieces, and peanuts. Pretty weird combo but tasty to say the least.

So here is my weekly plan:
Monday-- Work, BBQ/visit with Jan, Gym it!, SLEEP!!
Tuesday--Work, Gym it, Crochet, Watch some Dexter with Rhonz maybe??
Wedsnesday--Sleep in, take modem back to comcast, swim, ride my bike, relax & crochet
Thursday-- Sleep in, swim, catch some rays, rinse and repeat
Fri-- Work, get a drink????
Sat- Work, get off two hours early, be happy...

We'll see if any of these things happen schedules and plans almost ever go accordingly but I can always dream, right!?

And I haven't posted personal pictures I've taken lately, hopefully I will be able to squeeze that in on one of my days off!

What do you have planned for your week??

xoxo. Ren

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I really doesn't feel that long ago....

Just a little note to my Grama on the ten year anniversary of her passing. I wish I had a picture to post but they are all in storage. She was such a classy lady.

Dear Grama,

I miss you soo much. I can't believe it's already been 10 years that you've been gone. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting on the couch you in your usual place with your legs folded to the side watching law and order or texas ranger while knitting and me sitting next to you playing with your toes.I always wanted to learn after watching you do it and I'm so glad I though myself how to because it makes me feel like I got the skill from you.

I remember so much about you and never want to forget what a wonderful person you were. You never had a bad thing to say about anyone and you were the smartest lady ever. You tought us all what great music is and I love you for that.

I remember you tried to teach me how to jitterbug to Bette Midler in your room and I felt like you were gonna pull my arm out of the socket! Still I loved every minute of it.

You were never one of those grama's who gave us everything we wanted, let us do whatever we wanted, had favorites, or spoiled us. You were stern and quick witted. We knew not to cross you or we would get the belt! I love you for that too.

I remember calling you to ask if I could sleep over your answer in a sorta monatone questioning way was always "Of courssse!" I would lay in bed with you at night while you would read your books and I would read one of your little Readers Digest.

I remember you would make us special treats like root beer floats that we would eat outside under an umbrella, strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip or strawberry ice cream. In your drawer in your bedroom you kept your favorite goodies coconut stacks, cinnamon gum, butterscotch discs, and cashews. Your tacos to this day can not be beat!!!

Your flower gardens were always amazing. You were always showing me the new ones growing and the names of all of them. Your front yard full of poopies and the backyard full of columbines and clamtis. You loved to be outside working in your yard and always with your favorite refreshment on those hot days Hawaiian Punch on ice in your little jug.

I could go on forever about everything I remember and miss about you. I feel so lucky to have known you and learn what I have from you. I think about you everyday and I see a little bit of you almost everyday too in my momma.

I love you.

Your Rennie

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Freedom = BBQ and Fireworks...

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I love fireworks they are so magical to watch. I think I've pretty much grown out of wanting to light them though. I guess I'll find out tonight if I really have. We are having the bbq at my brother's house this year. It should be fun. I was asked to bring a dessert so I'm gonna make a jello cake with whipped cream, strawberries, and blueberries in the shape of of flag. A little cheesey but it will be pretty and yummy!

Happy 4th of July and stay safe!

xo. Ren

My brother and I last year.