I really doesn't feel that long ago....

Just a little note to my Grama on the ten year anniversary of her passing. I wish I had a picture to post but they are all in storage. She was such a classy lady.

Dear Grama,

I miss you soo much. I can't believe it's already been 10 years that you've been gone. It seems like just yesterday we were sitting on the couch you in your usual place with your legs folded to the side watching law and order or texas ranger while knitting and me sitting next to you playing with your toes.I always wanted to learn after watching you do it and I'm so glad I though myself how to because it makes me feel like I got the skill from you.

I remember so much about you and never want to forget what a wonderful person you were. You never had a bad thing to say about anyone and you were the smartest lady ever. You tought us all what great music is and I love you for that.

I remember you tried to teach me how to jitterbug to Bette Midler in your room and I felt like you were gonna pull my arm out of the socket! Still I loved every minute of it.

You were never one of those grama's who gave us everything we wanted, let us do whatever we wanted, had favorites, or spoiled us. You were stern and quick witted. We knew not to cross you or we would get the belt! I love you for that too.

I remember calling you to ask if I could sleep over your answer in a sorta monatone questioning way was always "Of courssse!" I would lay in bed with you at night while you would read your books and I would read one of your little Readers Digest.

I remember you would make us special treats like root beer floats that we would eat outside under an umbrella, strawberry shortcake, chocolate chip or strawberry ice cream. In your drawer in your bedroom you kept your favorite goodies coconut stacks, cinnamon gum, butterscotch discs, and cashews. Your tacos to this day can not be beat!!!

Your flower gardens were always amazing. You were always showing me the new ones growing and the names of all of them. Your front yard full of poopies and the backyard full of columbines and clamtis. You loved to be outside working in your yard and always with your favorite refreshment on those hot days Hawaiian Punch on ice in your little jug.

I could go on forever about everything I remember and miss about you. I feel so lucky to have known you and learn what I have from you. I think about you everyday and I see a little bit of you almost everyday too in my momma.

I love you.

Your Rennie


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