Life with Poe: Sleep, Eat, Poo!

My little Poesy Quinn is learning new things everyday. She has rolled over, can stand up while leaning up against something, and has become quite the babbling boo! She talks and talks and talks in her little raspy voice. She has the prettiest big-open-mouthed smile I have ever seen but of course I'm never fast enough to capture a photo of it. She is taking longer naps and sleeps good through the night waking up only one time to eat.
We switched her from breast milk to a new formula since she has colic and it seems to be be working, she seems happier which make me happier. The only down fall to the new formula is the stinky/explosive diapers!!! Awe the joys of being a mom, as they say. Will I miss these stinky diaper one day?? Only time will tell.

Here is my stinky Poe sleeping, she is so beautiful!


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