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Pink Week...

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month we get to wear to work all this week if we wear anything pink. I've been sporting Pink all week, it's been fun. So for my blog tonite I'll post some stuff I think is pretty cool & PINK!

Pink Pups...

Pink Air Balloon...

Pink Disco Balls...

Pink Blythes...

Pink Motel...

Pink Piggy Cookies...

Pink Gumballs...

Pink Shoes...

I hope your having a good week!


Parade of PomPoms...

PomPoms --- They seem to be every where these days! They are so easy to make and so cute at the same time. There are so many things you can do with them. I'm working on a little protect for my home with some and will post pictures as soon as I'm done. Until then enjoy these...

I hope you are having a wonderful more day then it's "hump-day!"


All Hallows Eve is near...

My party this last Friday was certainly a hit! Everyone seemed to have a good time. They like my decorations too, I was glad since I put so much time into getting ready for the shin-dig. I will post pictures soon.

Are you ready for Halloween!? Don't forget to leave cookies and milk for Jack Skelington!

xo. Rennie


Wow what a cold day... It's been pretty warm the last few days getting a little chilly at night but today I woke it was still raining since the night before. So today was long sleeve and knitting weather. I just hope it doesn't rain Friday for my party.

Here is a little strawberry hat I made -- it was made for my brother's girlfriend's daughter -- geez say that three times fast, it was too short so I posted it in my Etsy shop for sale. Keep an eye out for more posted items this week :)

Later Gators. Rennie

Busy little bee...

Been quite the busy little bee lately. My Halloween party is on Friday and I have so much to do. I'm having a difficulty find the time to post my items in my shop since I prefer to do it from my computer at home since I have everything I need there. Problem is I feel like I'm never home. I did however get photos of my items this weekend, it was a beautiful day too...a bit wind but nice. I will be posting pics from the weekend all week.

Have a good one!
xo. Rennie

Fall Tunage

Here is my fall playlist --- I hope you enjoy it! Do you have one to share??

Sew in love...

I've been mildly productive this week. With this 8-5 schedule it seems like I don't have time for much of anything. I did however make these cute little felties at work...I also make a sugar cookie and a oven mitt but haven't got photos of them yet. They will be posted in my etsy shop as soon as I get a momnet to post. I have so many things to post, so I may just do an update all together. Only time will tell. So I have my ipod set to shuffle and have an agenda for my day off blog!, clean!, craft!, party!, list!, love!

Enjoy this beautiful fall weather, it doesn't last long enough.

toodles. Rennie

7 Sweet Things Sunday....

1. Yummy Hooded Scarves 2. Simple & Pretty Garlands

3. Sweet Sentiments

4. Pizzelle Cookies
5. Robot Art for Jer
6. Mini Cream Puffs

7. Cupcake Feltie
Hope your ready for the week ahead of us and I hope that it's good too! x.o.'s

Wrap me up and keep me warm...

Sooo today is freezing cold! I just wanted to stay home, drink cocoa, and knit. I couldn't though. I had to work at 7am :( Had a bad start to my morning due to a lost work badge and a frozen windshield.

I'm home now not wanting to much of anything. I do have things that need to get done. I need to finish these cute little panda boxes that will be the home to chocolate fortune cookies next month for my sweet friend Adria's baby shower. I also have a mini Halloween album that needs to be completed and a knit apple hat and booties.

Stay cozy... {love.u} Rennie

Falling for ....

Fall colors everywhere you go...

Vintage Suitcases...
Amazing photos like this...
I got a short to-do list to work on today before I head back to work tomorrow. Nothing too hard or out of the ordinary. Work on some booties, post a few items to my etsy shop, laundry, dishes, and grocery shopping. Happy Friday - Enjoy your weekend! {heart.u.} Rennie

Warm & Cozy

Woke up today with a grey sky over head. I like these days as long as I don't have to work, when I can take a shower and jump back into some cozy jammies. That's exactly what I did! I had a friend come over and visit for awhile. Then my boyfriends sister came over and we had our weekly scrapbooking session... she is really getting good just after only two sessions. Went to the rents and had some tamales and green chile. Really good stuff especially on cold drizzly days. I'm off now to finish a Halloween project / order.
Stay Warm!
{heart.u.} Rennie