Thursday, January 31, 2013


Just five weeks left!!!!

So I think I'm probably one of the few pregnant women who doesn't feel like you normally would at this stage in pregnancy whom at this point are usually sick of being pregnant and feel like they have been pregnant for what I'm guessing feels like forever. Since I didn't find out until the end of October and 5 months into it I'm still feeling pretty good. Excited to meet our baby of course but not like I'm gonna die or anything, hahaha. I can say I am pretty thankful for that. The only complaints I have are my back aches but with the help from this awesome pregnancy pillow a friend lent me and some pain cream I just started using they haven't been as bad. I just recently had my first case of swollen feet which went down by the next morning but keeps happening in the evening. Oh and the restless legs! I feel like I want to run a marathon at midnight and it's super annoying cause I just want to relax.

Today I went back to the Dr. for another ultrasound that I was actually supposed have yesterday but the Dr. ended up in surgery so I went in to get weighed basically :/ So they called me this morning and asked me to come in, they really wanted to get me in this week. SO I went in and they did her little tests - checked her kidneys, stomach, her movements, my placenta, and I'm sure other stuff I don't really know about. When they did her movement test they look for her hand or foot to see if she wiggles her fingers or toes and this time she was actually holding her foot in her hand. It was soo dang cute! She had a good grip on it too so the tech had me roll over on my side to get her to move her hand and she did. So she scored 100% on all her tests again this week! I think I have a little genius brewing ;)

This past week I got our bags packed ready for the hospital and our house is completely clean with the exception of the carpets that are getting shampooed this weekend. We are also installing our car seats in our vehicles this weekend too. I think we are ready! Just counting down the weeks, days, then minutes!!

Sunday we are doing some couple pregnancy photos so that will be my 35 week post - stay tuned!!

xoxo. Renae & poesy

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Poe's Nursery...

Hello! Here is a peek inside of Poesy's little corner of our home. We only have two bedrooms in the house so her and I have to share since I work from home and still need a space for my work station. I think we have made her area work well for the amount of room we have. I love it, it's so bright yet cozy.

So her "theme" is mostly based on vintage 80's characters that were my favorite as a kid. Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, and Care Bears! With a cupcake thrown in here and there.

Most of the decor I already had from when I was a little girl, have collected over the years, or made it!

OK let's get started with the mini tour...
Here is here crib that her Grandma & Grampa Cruz and Great Granny and Pops Gallegos bought for her. I made the crib bedding which is the Rainbow Brite blanket and cordinating pillows. I also made her mobile which is mostly just for pretty but I think later on I will add some multi-colored stars to it.
On this baby sized book shelf is a vintage Strawberry Shortcake lamp her Uncle Chris and Auntie Melissa got for her this last Christmas and the little crocheted Strawberry Shortcake was bought for me by my Grandma Duran (my mom's mom) when I was just a baby, she had a lady make it for me when she worked at a bowling alley. To this day it is one of my most treasured toys. I know Poe is going to love it like I did. Next to the lamp is a little soothing sounds and projector machine that she got from her Auntie Mandi and Uncle Trevor for Christmas too.
Here is Little Bear snoozing in his new favorite spot, the blanket in the backround was crocheted for me by mom when I was a baby and she just recently gave it to me. It looks like she just made it! The chair will soon be replaced with a glider I got from my cousins for the baby shower :)
Here are a few photos of the hutch which now has ALOT more stuff on it since the baby shower. I had the hutch and have used it for a lot of different things. It works great in the nursery since we don't have much storage space and I like to display whatever I can.
Her are a few of her hats I have made her so far, I can't wait to put them on her tiny noggin!
The toys here on the top of the hutch were all my childhood toys except for the Lalaloopsy doll on the far left she got from my friend Michelle for Christmas.
This little giraffe is very special, we got her when we went for our 4-D ultrasound and when you squeeze it you can hear Poesy's actually heartbeat!
The first picture from the left is a photo booth strip of Jeremiah that he gave to me when we first started dating -- He is holding up pictures he drew that say I Heart U! I love those pictures! The frame with Donald & Daisy Duck was again mine when I was a baby and has my baby picture in it still. The little one underneath that is a little one with bears in a tub my mom found and the two little girls are actually greeting cards I thought were cute.
And lastly hanging above her crib is my old Rainbow Brite night gown.
So this is her room and in just 5 short weeks we will be bringing here home to it. The total we have spent on the room would be about $75 total at the very most. That was spent on a couple rugs, fitted sheets, bumper, and supplies for the mobile. I think it is perfect for her and very personal. Sure the rooms with all new store bought decor are just as cute but for her to enjoy things that I used to love and hold is just so special to me.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Showered with Love!...

Hello! So if you have been following the blog you know we had a baby shower a little over a week ago. Well let me began to tell you that it was AMAZING!!! Almost all my favorite people were there to celebrate with me and our families, that was the BEST part. Then of course there was the good food and treats, and GIFTS GALORE!!! I really still can not believe how much stuff this little girl got. She is loved that is for sure! This post is going to be mostly pictures to tell this story -- so I hope you enjoy :)

Tha Aftermath! Trying to find a place for everything was quite the task!

A million THANK YOU's to everyone who helped, everyone who came, and everyone who was there in spirit but could not make it. Jeremiah and myself are beyond grateful for the wonderful start you have already givin our little girl. We are truly blessed! xoxo, Renae & Poesy

Sunday, January 20, 2013

We are ALMOST ready!...

So the little sweetie is the size of a squash this last week! She weighs 4 lbs 11 oz according to our ultrasound we had on Thursday. We had another ultrasound because of my diabetes so they need to monitor her size since the diabetes can sometimes cause big babies and the dr. doesn't want her getting too big too fast and neither do I. They checked her breathing, her motor skills (moving her hand), her weight, and a few other measurements. The best score for these little tests is an 8 and she was right on target 8 out of 8! I'm so grateful for that and know that all my praying and prayers in the reason why. My sister came with me because Jeremiah was working, I'm glad she got to be there with me.

Our baby shower was today and I can't tell you how excited and grateful for our families do this for us. I have thrown and hosted many showers and never thought I would get to have one for my own baby. It's a miracle!

Her nursery is just about complete! I just need to get a few more things and make her mobile! I just haven't had the time this past month but I only have about 6 weeks left so I really need to get them done so I don't have to do it once she's here. Not like she will spend much time in her crib at first anyway but that's how I am I like to be prepared and at least somewhat organized! Speaking of which I REALLY need to pack our hospital bags THIS week!! Just in case. According to Poesy's Uncle Pete it could be any day now and he makes sure to remind me ;)

So here are our pictures from this week! Enjoy!

xoxo. Renae & Poesy Quinn

Next post will be the nursery and baby shower edition.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby Mine...

Here is one of the songs we chose to have on the dvd of the ultrasound...I love it!

My sweet baby turned 31 weeks as of Sunday January 6th! This week has been super busy for me and my family so I have not been able to get my photo of the week or a blog post in until now. But anyhow, Poesy Quinn is now the size of a pineapple and seems to like laying on my bladder! I'm ALWAYS going to the restroom these days (too much info? lol) Her movements are much stronger now and I can literally sit and watch her move in my tummy. It's really neat and I'm loving all the changes that this pregnancy has brought me thus far.

Yesterday Jeremiah and I went to Colorado Springs and had a 3-D/4-D ultrasound done. It was the sweetest thing ever to see what our little girl is going to look like! It was actually Jeremiah's idea and he scheduled the appointment as a surprise for me. It make me happy that he is so involved and just as excited as I am to become a parent. The place we went to was called "First Glimpse". It was a really personal experience and the room was really cozy. It had a comfy couch and a huge projector screen to watch the ultrasound and an actual bed for me to lay on. At first it didn't seem like the baby was going to show us much cause she had her little face smashed up against the placenta most of the time but then toward the end they had me move to my side and she moved just enough to get some good live shots and still photos of her pretty face. She most definitely has her daddy's nose, the cutest lips, and chubby cheeks! She makes some funny faces too. I just love her soo much and can't believe she will be here so soon!

Her room is ALMOST done! I really love it in there and so does her big brother Little Bear. Next weeks post will have tons of photos of her room so check back for that one. Below are some photos from today and also some of the 4-D ultrasound photos.

Please continue to pray for our health and send us good vibes :) And I will be back in few days with my 32 week post, eek!

xoxo. Renae and Poesy

Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year Baby!...

Moving right along this pregnancy is! I am now 30 weeks and Baby Girl is the size of a cucumber and should be weighing around 3 lbs. Her grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger. She can now open and close her eyes and when they are open she can see some light shine through the womb. My dreams are starting to get weirder by the night and my back is hurting more than usual mostly at bedtime.

We had our doctor appointment and the baby's heartbeat sounds good and I'm measuring a little bit big this week but nothing to worry about. I go in two weeks for another ultrasound. Jeremiah and I also went to the hospital for pre-registration this week and everything just got extremely real and I am even more excited.

Our baby shower is in just a few short weeks and I have just a few more things I want to do in the nursery then it's time for nesting and relaxing for me!