Showered with Love!...

Hello! So if you have been following the blog you know we had a baby shower a little over a week ago. Well let me began to tell you that it was AMAZING!!! Almost all my favorite people were there to celebrate with me and our families, that was the BEST part. Then of course there was the good food and treats, and GIFTS GALORE!!! I really still can not believe how much stuff this little girl got. She is loved that is for sure! This post is going to be mostly pictures to tell this story -- so I hope you enjoy :)

Tha Aftermath! Trying to find a place for everything was quite the task!

A million THANK YOU's to everyone who helped, everyone who came, and everyone who was there in spirit but could not make it. Jeremiah and myself are beyond grateful for the wonderful start you have already givin our little girl. We are truly blessed! xoxo, Renae & Poesy


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