Thursday, November 29, 2012

Growing and Glowing...

So apparently according to everyone I talk to I'm "glowing". I do feel really happy so I figure that is why. I'm actually enjoying being pregnant! My only complaints would be the bloating I have sometimes and the tightness in my belly I'm feeling lately but I guess that's just my body changing to accommodate my little babe.

I had another Dr. appointment on Monday and Jeremiah got to come with me since he was off, so that was nice. We got to hear the heartbeat again :) My insulin dosage was increased a little bit and seems to be doing it's job. The Dr. seemed happy about the weeks previous results so that makes me feel better too. Being diabetic and pregnant is pretty stressful but I try to just take it one day at a time and stay positive about it.

We got her crib ordered courtesy of Jeremiah's parents and grandparents along with her car seat from my parents. Both should both arriving very soon! We are so thankful for our wonderful supportive families. I don't know what we would do without them all.

I went out and got a new storage unit closer to our house and we are currently in the process of moving things from my old one to the new one and working on getting the nursery room packed up. I can't wait to start decorating!!! I want her space to be girly, warm, and cozy. So there will be lots of pillows, blankets, and cute toys to keep her company :)

Here is what her crib is going to look like!

Her car seat which she will be able to use until she doesn't need one anymore :)

Big Brother Little Bear, will always be my first baby!

Thank you for reading!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Growing, Growing, Growing! ...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I have a lot to be thankful for this year just like very other but especially because of my little peanut. She is currently the size of a cantaloupe and she is now getting her taste buds! She is moving around more too. It's seems just within the last few days my tummy has popped out a little bit more.

Right now we are trying to get the room that will be her nursery packed up so we can set it up just perfect for her. It was my craft room/ work office which I will still work in there but will have to store most of my craft stuff until we get a bigger place. I'm excited to decorate. I will be sewing her bedding and little toys with some vintage fabrics I bought about 10 years ago and have been holding onto in hopes of one day having a baby girl :) I have a lot of my toys from when I was little that I will be using for her room decor as well. I can't believe that after about 14 or so moves I still have all this stuff and it's in great condition. It's also hard to believe that these things that were mine are now considered "vintage" all about 30 years old!!! I will be excited once it is all done and I can share photos with you.

Until next week keep on praying for us. We are currently trying to get my dosage of insulin right since everything else we tried hasn't helped with bringing my glucose levels down and I was put on it last week. I'm taking two shots, twice a day - it sucks but I do it for my little babe. I just hope it becomes stable sooner than later.

xoxo. Renae


Thursday, November 15, 2012

It's a GIRL!!!

Week 23 is flying by like crazy!! Our little peanut is actually the size of a grapefruit right now weighing in at 1lb. 3oz. I can't believe in just another week I'll be 6 months pregnant. Yesterday we went to our ultrasound appointment in Colorado Springs where they did a more in depth ultrasound on the baby due to my diabetes. Everything is going great according to the pictures and the doctor. The only thing is my blood sugar is still not under as tight control as we would all like but we are working on that together.

We also found out that we are going to have a very precious baby girl!!!!! I am over the top excited! I really didn't care either way and would be excited for a boy too but just knowing what we are having is just such an awesome feeling. Soo many people told me not to find out but we had too! I have to be prepared that's just me and I have to be able to crochet and decorate accordingly, hahaha!

Jeremiah was sorta hoping for a boy (of course) but when they announced it was a girl he laughed and he told me he is excited for a girl too. I'm sure she will have him wrapped around her finger in no time like I did with my daddy :)

We did decide on a first name so far and her name will be "Poesy". Jeremiah actually picked it out one day and I had already had it on my list. I think it is just perfect!!! It's not very traditional but then again neither am I.

All is all we are just happy the baby is healthy thus far since we found out so late. What a blessing!
xoxo. Renae

At our appointment :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Little Bronco Baby...

This week I am 22 weeks and the baby is the size of a papaya!!! I feel like it is going by so fast already. This week I am feeling my sweet little baby move around alot especially when I'm sitting at work on the computer, laying in bed, or eating. This little babe is going to be like it's mama and love food! Haha! It feels like teeny tiny somersaults or a little swish.

We had our Dr. appt on Monday and everything is going good except they had to double my diabetic meds because stabilizing my glucose levels with my regular dose is not working. Then next Wednesday we will go to Colorado Springs for a special ultra sound and find out if we will be having a little monster or a little princess!! Either way I will be happy to know. I really don't care what gender is as long as it's healthy. I think most people are hoping for a boy but girls are just as fun in my eyes.

Jeremiah has been the best ever. Super supportive and caring! I couldn't ask for a better daddy :) He is filling both of our brains with lots of information he has been finding about the baby's needs, my needs, and what we will need to have when the little bub arrives. We are both searching high and low for the perfect name, which has proven to be VERY hard. If I like something he doesn't and if he does I don't. We do have a little list going so I think we are getting closer. I think once we know the sex it will get easier.

Well until next week please continue to pray for our little family and our health.

xoxo. Renae

Here is another photo taken on football Sunday, both of our families watch the Bronco games so it will be fun to have another member join the audience!