Little Bronco Baby...

This week I am 22 weeks and the baby is the size of a papaya!!! I feel like it is going by so fast already. This week I am feeling my sweet little baby move around alot especially when I'm sitting at work on the computer, laying in bed, or eating. This little babe is going to be like it's mama and love food! Haha! It feels like teeny tiny somersaults or a little swish.

We had our Dr. appt on Monday and everything is going good except they had to double my diabetic meds because stabilizing my glucose levels with my regular dose is not working. Then next Wednesday we will go to Colorado Springs for a special ultra sound and find out if we will be having a little monster or a little princess!! Either way I will be happy to know. I really don't care what gender is as long as it's healthy. I think most people are hoping for a boy but girls are just as fun in my eyes.

Jeremiah has been the best ever. Super supportive and caring! I couldn't ask for a better daddy :) He is filling both of our brains with lots of information he has been finding about the baby's needs, my needs, and what we will need to have when the little bub arrives. We are both searching high and low for the perfect name, which has proven to be VERY hard. If I like something he doesn't and if he does I don't. We do have a little list going so I think we are getting closer. I think once we know the sex it will get easier.

Well until next week please continue to pray for our little family and our health.

xoxo. Renae

Here is another photo taken on football Sunday, both of our families watch the Bronco games so it will be fun to have another member join the audience!


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