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Welcome sweet baby boy...

I love babies, but I love I my nieces and nephew the most of course! Our family was finally blessed with a bouncing baby boy. Blake was born on May 14th, 2012! He is such a chunky butt, he is growing so incredibly fast too. He is demanding and everyone is ready to answer his little cries and pick him up and bounce him or whatever he wants whenever he wants. Blakey is a little cuddle bug too, he likes to be held close and tight. Everything about him is adorable and I'm so glad I love and spoil him forever.

Tumbleweeds Giveaway...

Check out this awesome giveaway and blog. Amazing handcrafted sunglasses in a brilliant variety. The blog is super cute too I got sucked in one day reading it for like three hours! CHECK IT OUT HERE!~

What I'm listening to...

Such a pretty song....I just love it and can listen to it over and over. I hope your week is going well. Mine has been a bit bumpy so far but trying not to let it get me down. Have a wonderful day! xo. Renae


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I just love this saying... It's so true. Sometimes it hard to see the beauty in a bad situation but in most cases if you look deep enough you can find it. Happy Hump Day! Thank goodness only one day of work left!

Counting down the days to see Ms. Apple...

I'm getting very excited to go see this lady here in about 10 days in Denver with my sweetie! We are going to make a day of it together. Shopping, Yogurtland, and Music!

Weekend in review...

So what I thought was going to a be a boring weekend turned into a jam packed fun weekend. I had my nieces sleep over, we went to Target and they got new dresses and snacks, then we had a dance party in the dark with glow sticks, painted our toes, and watched movies. The next day we got up showered and Jeremiah and I took them out to breakfast. I love those girls they make me love being an auntie :) Then we went to my rents and I got to hang out with my baby nephew Blake. He is such a little chunk and already has a cute little personality. Later that evening Jeremiah grilled up some hot dogs and we watched "Breaking Bad: Season One Disc One" followed by "Wanderlust". Wanderlust was hilarious and we both loved it. I liked Breaking Bad but Jer didn't really get into it. Today is obviously Monday again so back to work I go...I'm already ready to see Friday again! Have a good week!

Summertime is for relaxing...

Last night the boy and I had a nice night in. We watched "The Smell of Success", it was pretty funny. It actually kept my attention throughout the whole show, so I guess I liked it! I also enjoyed the new summer edition of Mike's Hard Strawberry Lemonade. Oh man, tasty! If you can find it I would highly recommend it. I get off work today at noon so I'm trying to think of something fun for Jeremiah and I to go do. It's no too hot so I'm thinking maybe go out to the farm for some fresh goodies. Happy Weekend!

4 Years of Happy...

Happy 4 year anniversary to my boy, my friend, my love! This photo was taken last summer at the Colorado State Fair. I'm looking forward to many more years of fair going and spending my days with you. I love you more than words can ever describe.