Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend in review...

So what I thought was going to a be a boring weekend turned into a jam packed fun weekend. I had my nieces sleep over, we went to Target and they got new dresses and snacks, then we had a dance party in the dark with glow sticks, painted our toes, and watched movies. The next day we got up showered and Jeremiah and I took them out to breakfast. I love those girls they make me love being an auntie :) Then we went to my rents and I got to hang out with my baby nephew Blake. He is such a little chunk and already has a cute little personality. Later that evening Jeremiah grilled up some hot dogs and we watched "Breaking Bad: Season One Disc One" followed by "Wanderlust". Wanderlust was hilarious and we both loved it. I liked Breaking Bad but Jer didn't really get into it. Today is obviously Monday again so back to work I go...I'm already ready to see Friday again! Have a good week!

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