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My weekend and apples...

This was definitely a busy busy weekend/week. Friday I was off I slept at the hospital to keep my Gram company, it wasn't bad other than the bed was rock hard and killed my back and it was close to what felt like 100 degrees in the room! We woke up around 7 my Gram went to breakfast and to her shower while I cleaned her room up a little bit, then she went on an outing to the planetarium and had to take my dress in the get altered for the wedding I'm in next weekend. I made a haircut appointment for 2 pm and I totally slept through it! I was kinda bummed but I guess I just needed my rest. That evening I had two kickball games, it was really fun as usual.
Let' s see Saturday I work, then went to a Wine Festival/Craft Show in Canon City. We try to go every year to get some of the best apples ever! Honey Crisp - they are so crunchy and have such a yummy flavor to them. If you haven't tried them you MUST! Sunday I missed church for like the third week in a row, I really need…

Wednesday Wishes V.3...

lalala, lalala, lalalalala OH ♥ by sαrα featuring heart jewelry

Isn't this the prettiest yet comfortable collection for the Fall season. I love everything in it! I may have to head over to payless to get those cozy shoes :) The are perfect for autumn and winter.

I haven't blogged in forever, I've just been super busy! My grama had a couple mini-strokes and ended up in the hospital. Thankfully with lots of love and prayers prayers she is doing awesome! She is on the rehab floor at the hospital now doing all sorts of "normal" things before she gets to go back home. Like dressing her self and cooking and physical therapy. She was amused about making dog biscuits for the dog shelters yesterday. I think it's pretty neat that they do that. She will get to go home next week and she can't wait. So if your a prayer, please pray for her to continue to get stronger :)

In other news I joined a kickball team with my friend Rhonda. I have really been having fun…

10 Products I would recommend...

1.cheeseheads string cheese

2.bed head hair products

3.eos lip balm

4.parrot bay daiquiris

5.rosebud strawbery lip balm

6.rusk hair products

7.scentsy candles

8.sinful nail polish

9.tassimo coffee maker

10.vans shoes

Do you already use any of these products? I do all the time they are some of my favs. I'll be doing posts like these here and there on just some common things I use around the house that I really like :)

Happy Weekend!


Happy Birthday Mom & Mandi!...

This month is my mom and sister's birthdays! They are two of my most favorite people in the world, I dont know what I would do without them both. I love them so much!

Wednesday Wishes V.3...

Here are is my wish for this week - although a day late it MUST be posted! Because I really really want these boots for this fall/winter.

Are they beautiful!?

Labor 'O' Love...

Happy Labor Day! Today has been a pretty chill day. Jer and I woke up really early to go get some much needed things out of my storage unit. I've been needing to get in there for some time but it's been so hot and it wouldn't be a quick trip since it is jam packed. Like filled to the top from front to back. I did get what I was looking for luckily though. The tv remote, my huge box of yarn, my diabetic test strips, my little ottoman, a lamp and bunch more randmon but useful things. We had a little breakfast and then we each went to our parents houses for a little bit and I actually took an unplanned nep which was awesome! Then we just came back home and relaxed until it was time to go back to Jeremiah's rents for a little Labor Day BBQ get together. It was tasty as usual and of course I had a tons of laughs. I love those people. Now I'm just gonna loaf around and crochet a hat while watching DEXTER!

This week I hope to get in a few bike ride the weather ha…

Wednesday Wishes V.2...

I'm just 10 blogs away from my first 100 blog posts!!! I can't believe it. It seems like I just started this lil 'ol blog. This is just another example of how fast time seems to fly by. The great thing about time whizzing by this year is that summer went by quickly and fall is just around the corner. Bring on the awesome weather!

Well here is my short Wednesday Wishes list...

These freaking awesome mugs. Aren't they cool? They have a little spot for your spoon, which is great for cocoa because sometimes midway through it can use a little stir.

2.) Now I just love these nesting dolls. I can just picture them sitting on my bookshelf or in my craft room some place.
I found them both here.

Have a lovely day! xo. Rennie