Wednesday Wishes V.3...

Isn't this the prettiest yet comfortable collection for the Fall season. I love everything in it! I may have to head over to payless to get those cozy shoes :) The are perfect for autumn and winter.

I haven't blogged in forever, I've just been super busy! My grama had a couple mini-strokes and ended up in the hospital. Thankfully with lots of love and prayers prayers she is doing awesome! She is on the rehab floor at the hospital now doing all sorts of "normal" things before she gets to go back home. Like dressing her self and cooking and physical therapy. She was amused about making dog biscuits for the dog shelters yesterday. I think it's pretty neat that they do that. She will get to go home next week and she can't wait. So if your a prayer, please pray for her to continue to get stronger :)

In other news I joined a kickball team with my friend Rhonda. I have really been having fun with the exception of pulling my "quad" (the top part of my thigh)last friday when I kicked the ball...OMGosh it hurt to even walk much less run for the rest of the game. I tried not to baby my leg to much and today I feel good as new. Our next game is next friday and a double header! I will try to take some action photos to post here!

xoxo. Ren


  1. Kickball sounds neat! Not for me tho since I suck at all things athletic. Sorry to hear about your Grandma, I'll be thinking of you all! <3

  2. I just realized the picture i posted was not the one I picked to post -- sandle are NOT a good for winter in Colorado! lol. O'well I like this collection too :)


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