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Goals and Stuff!....

I've always been a person who sets goals. I may not always meet them but I try. Some people tell they don't make goals because they don't want to be let down, well this is all true but that's life, isn't it??? By the way I always hated that saying growing up "that's life" it used to make me sooo mad when my mom would tell me that but now look who's using it!!! lol... She is like my grama ALMOST always right. Anyway back to my goals... This year I've set several different goals I have a goal for the whole year, monthly goals, craft and Christmas shopping goals. They may seem silly but I'm a OCD scatter-brain so it works for me!

Yearly Goal: To attend church as many Sundays as I can. I've found a new church home and I really like it, it makes me feel good again :)

Monthly Goals: I'm setting monlthy personal goals ofthis to stive for, I'll blog about this months goal later on.

Crafty Goals: To make/knit at least one hat for my sho…

Longest two days ever!...

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like a snot bomb went off in my head and clogged my brain and everything else. I couldn't breath, taste anything, and when I talk it sounds funny. It's the worst head cold I've had in a really longggg time, it totally blows literally. Vicks kleenex has been my bestie these days. I did still managed to make a huge pot of chili beans and chocolate chip cookies which I could barely taste either one but everyone else who them said they were delish. Then today I had to work 10 hours!!!

I also got a package in the mail yesterday from my swap partner Jennifer -- I got some really cute stuff and finally sent out her gifts yesterday. I'll post what I sent in a few days. I'm off to get warm and cozy and work on some crochet.

This is what I got!

Goodnight & Remember just say no to germs!

xo. Ren

Quotes to live by....

Here are some little quotes I have been collecting along the way...they can also be viewed along with an assorment of other random lists at If you don't already have a Listography they are super cool to keep when you want to remember random details from life you otherwise might not think of. They have journals as well which I have and is how I found out about the website.

-"Hate is easy; Love takes courage."
-"If dreams weren't better than life itself... I wouldn't mind living."
-"The best thing in life aren't things."
-"You are my kind of beautiful."
-"Be yourself, Everyone else is already taken."
-"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."
-"Be polite to all, but intimate with few."
-"Three things can not be hidden the sun, the moon, & the truth."
-"Forgive your enemies but never forget their names."
-"You don't have a soul, you are a soul, what you …

My top 14 Chica Flix..

Today was not a good day. I missed church twice! I slept in and missed both services. Then I had some other personal things that just didn't go that well. I needed a pick me up so I watched some reality tv instead of a movie which is what I would normally do...on reality tv their lives usually seem worse than mine, ha ha ha!

I'm a movie lover...always have been. I have always had my chic flicks that are alway on hand and ready. They should be in a glass case that reads "Break in case of Emergency!" They always make me happy when I watch them. I have one for just about every mood. Well here they are.

Hey what's in that bag?....

Tonite as was picking up my bag I nearly pulled my arm out if it's socket! This is not unusual when picking up my small piece of luggage I call my "purse". I'm actually quite notorious for carrying bags twice my size and weigh half as much as I do! So tonight I didn't let my shoulder down when I picked it up to rummage through for something ( I can't remember what) and nearly fell over, ha ha ha! Not really but I'm sure if one of my nieces tried to they would. So without further ado here is the lastest satchel I've been carrying with it's current contents.

It's a KidRobot Bag that I absolutely adore! I love anybag I can wear messenger style.

Imma Mess....

I am a neat freak, over organizer, with a slight bit of craziness. I've moved ALOT! The weird thing is I've only lived in two states and two towns. I've become a professional packer and mover. I can move into a place and unpack and pretty much have the whole place set up in two days flat. I have a ton of stuff that's be accumulated since I was just a wee one and from when I "was" a shopaholic. So I know what I have and I know where I like it. This past weekend I got some new roomates. I am very happy to have them here! The only thing....I had to make room of course so I gave up my "craft cave". Which meant moving stuff!!! Alot of stuff. I managed to make space in my bedroom for my craft space and work area since I work from home. I'm still in the process of getting the whole place back into working order. It's been hard this time for some reason I guess because I'm putting some stuff in storage to make more room and having t…

All work and no play makes Bob a dull Sponge...

Two days of work down one more to go. I love having split days off -- work one day, off for two, work for three days, off for one! It really makes the days go by and gives me a break from work. I work from home for a call center. I started with the company in 2007 and just started working from my house November 2009. I absolutely love that I work from home, it has so many perks. I get to wake up 5-10 minutes before I have to be “at” work, I take naps on my breaks if I’m still tired, I can do my laundry, dishes, and clean up around my house on a break too. For lunch I don’t have to go anywhere or buy anything, I sometimes shower on my lunch so I don’t have to do it before or after work. I don’t have to drive to work which I was always late before and now I’m on time and can avoid bad weather too. The best part is I get to do my crafts while I work and have my work station combined with my craft station. And when I get off work I’m already home! Well I'm off to some much ne…

Happy New Year....One week later...

Ringing in the New Year was very pleasant this year. Last year Jeremiah & I went to Oklahoma for the Flaming Lips New Year's Show it was a blast. This year was different we went to his parents and had dinner and played alot of Wii! I love the bowling. I left for a little bit and went to my friend Rhonda's for her New Year's karoke party and pretty much sang from the time I got there until I left. I had so much fun and now I want to buy an Xbox so I can have that game, but I won't. I had a few drinks so Jeremiah swooped in and picked me up just in time to get back to his parents for the countdown and our New Year's kiss.

Since then not much has been going on other that my cousin and her two little babes will be moving in this weekend. So I have been clearing out my craft room aka the craft cave to give her my other room. At first I was a little sad to be giving it up but it is for the best. She needs a place to stay and I can use the help financially so we …