Longest two days ever!...

I woke up yesterday morning feeling like a snot bomb went off in my head and clogged my brain and everything else. I couldn't breath, taste anything, and when I talk it sounds funny. It's the worst head cold I've had in a really longggg time, it totally blows literally. Vicks kleenex has been my bestie these days. I did still managed to make a huge pot of chili beans and chocolate chip cookies which I could barely taste either one but everyone else who them said they were delish. Then today I had to work 10 hours!!!

I also got a package in the mail yesterday from my swap partner Jennifer -- I got some really cute stuff and finally sent out her gifts yesterday. I'll post what I sent in a few days. I'm off to get warm and cozy and work on some crochet.

This is what I got!

Goodnight & Remember just say no to germs!

xo. Ren


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