Goals and Stuff!....

I've always been a person who sets goals. I may not always meet them but I try. Some people tell they don't make goals because they don't want to be let down, well this is all true but that's life, isn't it??? By the way I always hated that saying growing up "that's life" it used to make me sooo mad when my mom would tell me that but now look who's using it!!! lol... She is like my grama ALMOST always right. Anyway back to my goals... This year I've set several different goals I have a goal for the whole year, monthly goals, craft and Christmas shopping goals. They may seem silly but I'm a OCD scatter-brain so it works for me!

Yearly Goal: To attend church as many Sundays as I can. I've found a new church home and I really like it, it makes me feel good again :)

Monthly Goals: I'm setting monlthy personal goals ofthis to stive for, I'll blog about this months goal later on.

Crafty Goals: To make/knit at least one hat for my shop along with various other orders and projects I always have going on. I started a craft journal and checklist so it's been helping me stay somewhat organized.

Christmas Shopping Goals: This basically just consists of buying/making one person's Christmas Gift each month, this way at the end of the year I have them all done! I already have my January persons gift :)

Happy to Saturday to all, thank goodness tomorrow is my day off!



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