My weekend and apples...

This was definitely a busy busy weekend/week. Friday I was off I slept at the hospital to keep my Gram company, it wasn't bad other than the bed was rock hard and killed my back and it was close to what felt like 100 degrees in the room! We woke up around 7 my Gram went to breakfast and to her shower while I cleaned her room up a little bit, then she went on an outing to the planetarium and had to take my dress in the get altered for the wedding I'm in next weekend. I made a haircut appointment for 2 pm and I totally slept through it! I was kinda bummed but I guess I just needed my rest. That evening I had two kickball games, it was really fun as usual.
Let' s see Saturday I work, then went to a Wine Festival/Craft Show in Canon City. We try to go every year to get some of the best apples ever! Honey Crisp - they are so crunchy and have such a yummy flavor to them. If you haven't tried them you MUST! Sunday I missed church for like the third week in a row, I really need to start going regularly it makes my week feel better than they have been. I did do four haircut in the afternoon! I'm doing them as a fundraiser for Rhonda and Brian's adoption. There are soo many fees and any little bit helps and I am happy too! I can't even imagine what it must feel like to adopt a baby the waiting, the pressure, it seems scary but I'm glad it's happening for them and they will soon have a complete family :)

Have a sweet week!

xoxo. Ren

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