Growing and Glowing...

So apparently according to everyone I talk to I'm "glowing". I do feel really happy so I figure that is why. I'm actually enjoying being pregnant! My only complaints would be the bloating I have sometimes and the tightness in my belly I'm feeling lately but I guess that's just my body changing to accommodate my little babe.

I had another Dr. appointment on Monday and Jeremiah got to come with me since he was off, so that was nice. We got to hear the heartbeat again :) My insulin dosage was increased a little bit and seems to be doing it's job. The Dr. seemed happy about the weeks previous results so that makes me feel better too. Being diabetic and pregnant is pretty stressful but I try to just take it one day at a time and stay positive about it.

We got her crib ordered courtesy of Jeremiah's parents and grandparents along with her car seat from my parents. Both should both arriving very soon! We are so thankful for our wonderful supportive families. I don't know what we would do without them all.

I went out and got a new storage unit closer to our house and we are currently in the process of moving things from my old one to the new one and working on getting the nursery room packed up. I can't wait to start decorating!!! I want her space to be girly, warm, and cozy. So there will be lots of pillows, blankets, and cute toys to keep her company :)

Here is what her crib is going to look like!

Her car seat which she will be able to use until she doesn't need one anymore :)

Big Brother Little Bear, will always be my first baby!

Thank you for reading!


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