Growing, Growing, Growing! ...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! I have a lot to be thankful for this year just like very other but especially because of my little peanut. She is currently the size of a cantaloupe and she is now getting her taste buds! She is moving around more too. It's seems just within the last few days my tummy has popped out a little bit more.

Right now we are trying to get the room that will be her nursery packed up so we can set it up just perfect for her. It was my craft room/ work office which I will still work in there but will have to store most of my craft stuff until we get a bigger place. I'm excited to decorate. I will be sewing her bedding and little toys with some vintage fabrics I bought about 10 years ago and have been holding onto in hopes of one day having a baby girl :) I have a lot of my toys from when I was little that I will be using for her room decor as well. I can't believe that after about 14 or so moves I still have all this stuff and it's in great condition. It's also hard to believe that these things that were mine are now considered "vintage" all about 30 years old!!! I will be excited once it is all done and I can share photos with you.

Until next week keep on praying for us. We are currently trying to get my dosage of insulin right since everything else we tried hasn't helped with bringing my glucose levels down and I was put on it last week. I'm taking two shots, twice a day - it sucks but I do it for my little babe. I just hope it becomes stable sooner than later.

xoxo. Renae



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