Baby Mine...

Here is one of the songs we chose to have on the dvd of the ultrasound...I love it!

My sweet baby turned 31 weeks as of Sunday January 6th! This week has been super busy for me and my family so I have not been able to get my photo of the week or a blog post in until now. But anyhow, Poesy Quinn is now the size of a pineapple and seems to like laying on my bladder! I'm ALWAYS going to the restroom these days (too much info? lol) Her movements are much stronger now and I can literally sit and watch her move in my tummy. It's really neat and I'm loving all the changes that this pregnancy has brought me thus far.

Yesterday Jeremiah and I went to Colorado Springs and had a 3-D/4-D ultrasound done. It was the sweetest thing ever to see what our little girl is going to look like! It was actually Jeremiah's idea and he scheduled the appointment as a surprise for me. It make me happy that he is so involved and just as excited as I am to become a parent. The place we went to was called "First Glimpse". It was a really personal experience and the room was really cozy. It had a comfy couch and a huge projector screen to watch the ultrasound and an actual bed for me to lay on. At first it didn't seem like the baby was going to show us much cause she had her little face smashed up against the placenta most of the time but then toward the end they had me move to my side and she moved just enough to get some good live shots and still photos of her pretty face. She most definitely has her daddy's nose, the cutest lips, and chubby cheeks! She makes some funny faces too. I just love her soo much and can't believe she will be here so soon!

Her room is ALMOST done! I really love it in there and so does her big brother Little Bear. Next weeks post will have tons of photos of her room so check back for that one. Below are some photos from today and also some of the 4-D ultrasound photos.

Please continue to pray for our health and send us good vibes :) And I will be back in few days with my 32 week post, eek!

xoxo. Renae and Poesy


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