Happy New Year Baby!...

Moving right along this pregnancy is! I am now 30 weeks and Baby Girl is the size of a cucumber and should be weighing around 3 lbs. Her grip is now strong enough to grasp a finger. She can now open and close her eyes and when they are open she can see some light shine through the womb. My dreams are starting to get weirder by the night and my back is hurting more than usual mostly at bedtime.

We had our doctor appointment and the baby's heartbeat sounds good and I'm measuring a little bit big this week but nothing to worry about. I go in two weeks for another ultrasound. Jeremiah and I also went to the hospital for pre-registration this week and everything just got extremely real and I am even more excited.

Our baby shower is in just a few short weeks and I have just a few more things I want to do in the nursery then it's time for nesting and relaxing for me!


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