Bad Coffee...

I woke up in time today to make my lunch, coffee and even braid hair before work! I didn't realize I made my coffee different than usual and made it extremely STRONG!!! Don't get me wrong I love it nice and strong where you get that yummy coffee flavor not just sugar and milk flavor. OH man but let me tel ya this was intense it was like I just ate a dang bag of coffee beans straight! I dumped have of it out and put some crappy work coffee in my spiffy mug. It still wasn't that great but I had to choke it down anyway if I wanna lkeep my job since it requires me to stay awake to do it properly. Hee hee most of the time!! ;) I found out my new work schedule and I also found out today I will be getting a new supervisor. At first I wasn't thrilled at having to get a new schedule since as I've posted before I really don't mind the one I have now. My new one will consist of working Monday thru Thursday with Friday off, a half day on Saturday, and Sunday off. It wasn't even one of my top 20 choices but I think I got a good one.
When I get off work this evening I think I might either take a dip in the pool or go for a little bike ride. Both sound nice to me!

All the mugs in the post can be found here PerpetualKid. I love all the goofy stuff they have in their store. I want all these mugs in my collection they are so rad.


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