I love you Dexter...

Just enjoying my Sunday evening watching numerous episode of Dexter and relaxing. I love having Sundays off it's soo nice. Today I woke up went to church, then went and picked Jeremiah up for brunch. We went to Super Salad, I love that place it's so yummy! After we ate we when to Target then back home. We watched a movie called "Case 39" it was mighty good! I would recommend it if you like thrillers/suspense. We then took a little nap then I went and visted my rents for a little bit, then I came home, cleaned, and now I'm sitting here watching Season Two of Dexter. I LOVE this show. Rhonda and I are seriously hooked. I'm off to enjoy watching this hottie and cleaning out my e-mail box, I hate spam. I hope Monday & Tuesday fly by this week!

xoxo. Rennie


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