Monday, July 19, 2010

2-DO's for the week!....

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Mondays suck...I hate them. Always have probaly always will until I'm old and retired and all my days run together and I don't even know it's Monday then it won;t even matter. The only good thing about today is the fact that here at work they are having ice cream sundaes! Which is Awesome. I luff icecream. I got vanilla with strawberries, reeses pieces, and peanuts. Pretty weird combo but tasty to say the least.

So here is my weekly plan:
Monday-- Work, BBQ/visit with Jan, Gym it!, SLEEP!!
Tuesday--Work, Gym it, Crochet, Watch some Dexter with Rhonz maybe??
Wedsnesday--Sleep in, take modem back to comcast, swim, ride my bike, relax & crochet
Thursday-- Sleep in, swim, catch some rays, rinse and repeat
Fri-- Work, get a drink????
Sat- Work, get off two hours early, be happy...

We'll see if any of these things happen schedules and plans almost ever go accordingly but I can always dream, right!?

And I haven't posted personal pictures I've taken lately, hopefully I will be able to squeeze that in on one of my days off!

What do you have planned for your week??

xoxo. Ren

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