Wednesday Window Shopping V.1...

Happy Holidays! Today is the first day of December in case you didn't know - which means you only have 24 shopping days until Christmas left!! This is the first year EVER that I have actually been on top of my shopping through out the year. This only leaves me with a select few I still need gifts for.

So instead of doing my "Wednesday Wishes" post I'm changing it to "Wednesday Window Shopping"! I think more than likely this will be a permanent change since I LOVE SHOPPING. So here we go...

I think this would make a really awesome gift for that studdly coffee or hey even cocoa drinker in your family or a quirky friend! I have a set minus the mustaches (I wish I had these instead) I love them :)


Now how about these for the cute and fun baker in your family!? I just think they are soo cute and I have been drooling over them for quite sometime. I have no idea why I haven't bought them yet.


I think these lovely Moccasin Slippers would make such a great gift for your pretty much any lady in your famliy. They just look so cozy don't they??


How are you doing on your shopping? Are you done or do you wait until the last minute?

xoxo. Ren


  1. cute mugs! i am done my shopping!! all that's left is some baking to add to the gifts :)

  2. Those measuring cups are too cute. xo


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