Welcome winter, Welcome 2011...

A little view from my window.

It's finally actually snowing here in Pueblo, Colorado! Other than the fact that the roads are completely icy and I can't really drive anywhere I soo happy it's snowing. It's been coming down since about 3 pm Thursday off and on and right now (around mid-night) there is a pretty steady downfall of flakes. What a perfect way to end a pretty good year. Not too much has really happened this year but it was pretty good to me. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming year and all it's surprises it brings.

Here are some goals I've decided to work on in 2011!
* Pay off some bills
* Get a DSLR
* Build my savings account
* Buy a new car
* Lose 10 lbs.
* Ride my bike a ton
* Go on a little camping trip this summer
* Discover 5 new bands
* Go to more shows
* Load/Update my Etsy shop
* Participate in at least 3 craft shows
* Build my stock for the craft shows
* Get my blood sugar under control
* Go to Zumba

Most of the goals are fairly simple and shouldn't be hard to do! I will use this post as a check list and blog whenever I complete them! I will be bringing in the New Year tomorrow night with my Miah, family, and friends. It should be a good time :)

What are your goals for the upcoming year? How will you be celebrating?

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  1. Great list for 2011! Would you be interested in snail mailing?


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