Week winding down...

It's been quite a few days since the last post! Not much has happened that how exciting my life is these days. Don't get me wrong I like it that way. Valentine's Day was great. I went to church, breakfast with the Cruz fam ( Jeremiah's Fam), then shopping a little bit, then to a Valentine's shindig at my rents. It was fun. We had a nacho bar with all the fixing, exchanged Valentine's, I painted my nieces nails, attempted to play Simpsons scene it and failed, and just hung out. I ate way too many cookies and cupcakes that's for sure but they were so tasty and I have zero
self control wwhen it comes to frosting on pretty much anything.

Yesterday my ma and I went to Colorado Springs to go have some post birthday Joe's Crab Shack lunch. I had coconut shrimp with plum sauce! My favorite!!! We did a teeny bit of shopping and I scored some super cute boots on clearance at American Eagle, I heart sales! They we grabbed some passion tea from Starbucks and head to Michael's crafts. The mission was beads for bracelets my mom is making and pretty much anything that jumped out at me. I got a couple packs of stamps and a few other bits.

Back to work tomorrow. I can't wait for Sunday to get here so I can be off again.

love love love.

Here are some pics from V-Day :)

Boyfriend Bear's Valentine from me.

Pretty polish!

The girls loved their Valentine's Day manicures.

My sweet Valentine -- I luff him!


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