A night of rest for me and my hands....

I decided to take the night off from crocheting and let my wrists rest. I use them all day long for work and then I'm knitting and crocheting while I'm working and I don't want them to burn them out since I have quite the work load yet to work on. I did finish 2 more owl hats and a green peoni hat.

Not much else is really going on around these parts. Jeremiah and I need to find a good spot to take our annual Christmas pictures. I would like to take a little trip up to the mountains but we shall see. I'm so excited for the holiday seeason. I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping which is AWESOME! Then I can focus on all the fun and meaningful parts of the season. This year since I am staying with friends we will be decorating here. It will be pretty neat since this is going to be the first year they have ever put up a full size Christmas tree and went all out with decorating. I just love the feeling of holidays. Last year felt weird for some reason and I was almost happy the holidays were all over. This year feels totally different already.

Here is what I got completed today!

I'm going to finish my yummy coffee flavored with vanilla latte creamer and then hit the hay.


xoxo. Rennie


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