Sleep is good, sleep is great...

My Wednesday wishes this week will be about cute sleep stuff. I love pretty beds, blankies, and pillows! I feel like I get the best sleep in the fall and winter because it's cooler, I hate to be hot when I sleep. Hate is a strong word but yes I hate it. Me waking up from a nap hot or sweaty is just a recipe for grouchines! hee hee hee!

Let's start with some beautiful beds!

.Found Here.

.Found Here.

I just love these two beds they are so dang pretty, I would have some sweet sweet dreams if I had one.

Now for a little pillow talk...

.Found Here.

.Found Here.

Quilts are my most favorite thing to sleep with, they are so pretty, warm, and extremely cozy once you break them in! Here is one I wouldn't mind having...

.Found Here.

What are your wishes this wednesday??

xoxo. Ren


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