On the hunt for a house to call home...

Zillow, Remax, Craiglist, Newspapers, Auto Feeds, Friends, Family, & Realtors, You name it! We are scouring our little town looking up and down for a new house to buy. It doesn't have to be perfect or fancy but it has to just feel right. We are looking for 3 bedrooms, a decent sized kitchen with appliances, and a yard for our Poe to play in. We have looked at a lot of houses and saw 9 in 2 hours this past Saturday. That was actually kinda fun except for the fact that it was blazin' saddles outside! Tonight we are looking at 3 more houses and I am hoping we see something we like. This is going to be our little starter home and I can't wait to get into something and not have to move again for at least 5 years. I'm ready to hang up my gypsy get-up and stay put for awhile and just make a million good memories with my little family:)
Here are some homes and quotes that keep me inspired while I continue on my search! (all from Pinterest, of course!)


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