Life @ the moment:

|living| We are currently stay at a local hotel due to the fact that a drunk driver drove through my parents living room a week ago. We were staying at my parents when it happened because we are trying to look for a new house to buy. So while they are working on the house we are enjoying hotel living and continental breakfast. My poor Poesy is turning in to a gypsy just like her momma! She doesn't seem to mind she look might cozy in that hotel bed above :)

|watching| So as I said we are living in a hotel and I hate channel surfing soo all I have been watching is HGTV - tons of renovation shows and House Hunters. I love it! Jeremiah is getting sick of it! It's making me want to find a house asap but I have to be patient. It also makes me want to make a wishlist for what I want in out home. Definitely Central Air and a basement will make the list.

|listening| I haven't got any new music lately so I have been listening to Bob Marley and Emmy the Great.

|crafting| At the moment I working on some crocheted turban hats for babies. I made my niece Paige a few when she was born and they looked so cute on her so I thought I would make a bunch and try to sell them. I'm hoping to have a little online sale here withing the next few weeks if no I will save them for my craft show I do this fall.

|looking forward to| Finding a home and staying there for at LEAST 5 years, I'm done with moving!

|making me smile| Poe's gummy smile and silly laugh! I love her to the moon and back!

|favorite things| = you tube videos = ice coffee = the color peach = white cheddar popcorn


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