My Labor & Delivery Story...

I'm finally getting around to writing my labor and delivery story! So here we go...

February 21st I woke up at about 6 a.m to use the restroom, when I got out of bed the under part of my belly felt really weird... it was kind of tight and achy which pretty much felt like bad gas pains. I didn't think anything of it and went back to bed but couldn't fall asleep. I had been sick for a couple weeks already and was fighting off a really bad cough so I was gonna call off work but decided to just work until 2pm since I had a WIC appointment and breastfeeding class anyway. So after laying in bed for awhile the pain started to move around to my back as well, it felt like a complete band of tightness and a little pain around my entire waist and back. The pains would come and go and I was still convinced it was just gas. I decided to call my sister and ask her if she thought they could be contractions and she thought that they were probably just "braxton hicks" (basically fake contractions that prepare your body for the real ones). So I got up showered and started work. Throughout my work day they became increasingly more painful and closer together. I found myself placing my calls on hold during some them as they became for intense. I was instant messaging a few co-workers who were worried I was going to deliver the baby at home and kept tellling me to call my doctor or go to the hospital but I was still thinking "These are really bad gas pains!" lol.

So it was finally 2 o'clock and I was off of work. My mom came and picked me up because I needed more yarn to finish Poesy's sweater I was making her and wanted it done before she was born (yeaaaa that didn't happen)! So here I am walking through Hobby Lobby having some major contractions. That would suit me perfectly giving birth in the middle of a craft store. I made it safely back home and then Jeremiah came and picked me up for my WIC appointment and breast feeding classes. The WIC lady asked me if anything was wrong cause I had a worried look on my face. I told her I was having a contraction, she then got the lady from the breast feeding class to bring me all the information they were going to go over in class and said if I couldn't stay I didn't have to, so I didn't.

At this point I'm convinced these are real contractions but not that I was really in labor. Yes, I was in denial. I was freaked out that I was about to be in the most pain I have ever felt and I wasn't ready for that. I called my dr. and his nurse said that yes I should probably go to the hospital since my contractions were 5 - 8 minutes apart. We get ready and take Little Bear to my parents house and they came with us to the hospital. We arrive at the hospital it was about 6pm, I told Jeremiah just to leave our stuff in the car since they were probably going to be sending me home anyway. We check in, I got checked and I was already 5.5cm dilated. I was halfway there. So needless to say they weren't sending me home and I was about to have a BABY!!! I was feeling the pain but it was nowhere near as bad as I had built myself up to think it was going to be. I listened to music and laughed and even had to ask at one point if I was still having contractions. Toward the end I did get some pain meds but did not get an epidural. I had a wonderful support "team". My nurse was awesome and then I had Jeremiah, my mom and dad, Jeremiah's mom, my sister, my cousins Janice and Sam by my side, and few others who came in for a few minutes to wish me luck.

I was progressing pretty good, then it was time to push. I pushed for what seemed like forever but I guess it really wasn't that long. Before I knew it I was a mommy. Poesy was born at 11:53pm on February 21st. She was born with the fullest head of hair I have EVER seen and the cutest little face! I remember just feeling relieved knowing she was finally here. She completed my world and I couldn't happier :)

These photos were taken in our home when she was almost 3 weeks old by BIO photography which is couple of good friends of mine. They did a beautiful job capturing some precious memories.

Hopefully I will find time to keep blogging about my new life as a mom so check back often. xoxo. Renae


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