Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I love my little shrimp!...

My due date is just four short weeks away, March 10th! My once-poppy seed that I didn't even know existed until 5 months later could probably be able to breathe on her own if she was born right now. Most of her systems are in working order at 36 weeks and need just a little more time for her lungs to fully develop. Her lungs and breathing are doing good each week we go for our ultrasound so that is awesome! She is now the size of a honeydew and I can tell that she is having less room to move around in my belly. Most spots of my tummy are hard and you can feel her pretty much anywhere you feel around. During her last ultrasound we were told that she has a lot of hair and that makes me super excited!! At this point all I can do is wonder what she is going to look like beside the fact that we have got a pretty good idea with the 4-D ultrasound we had done. It's more like is she going to have dark or light skin and hair, green or brown eyes, my dimple chin or her daddy's dimpled cheeks!?? I can't freakin' wait! No matter what I know she will be adorable :)

At this point I have our hospital bags packed and her little coming home outfit ironed and I'm working on a little sweater to go with it. Hopefully I can get it done before she gets here along with her never ending "baby" blanket that turned into a throw sized or toddler sized blanket. Which is fine since she has a ton of smaller blankies anyway and she can use this one forever.

I turned 30 years old this month on the 4th and I am soo excited that I will get to share my 30's with a daughter of my own! I always said if I don't have kids by the time I'm 30 then I'm just not going to have any. Well looks like I am and I couldn't be happier. Jeremiah took us out for dinner on my birthday to Red Lobster. If you know me at all or even a little you might know that I LOVE shrimp!! So naturally I ordered shrimp, we had salads and bread before our meals and then when it was time for the shrimp Poesy had her butt, legs, and feet so high in my ribs I could barely breathe let alone eat! I managed to get a few down but let me tell ya it was hard and I didn't get dessert either. Sooooo needless to say this kid is gonna own me a birthday dinner someday, hahaha!

Here we are on Wednesday at our weekly ultrasound appointment...

Here I am stuffed to the brim at Red Lobster for my birthday...

See ya back in a few days with the lastest updates!
Xoxo. Renae & Poe

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