My Little Sweetie...

This last week literally flew by! I even got behind on my weekly post. So as of the 26th week Baby Girl Cruz is the size of a head of lettuce, her eyes are forming, and she'll soon be practicing blinking. Most movement is at night but I feel her all day long now. We had our Dr. appointment on Monday. Everything was good news as usual with another slight increase in my insulin. The baby's heart beat was fine once the Dr. found it because she was hiding at first. It didn't worry me though cause I had felt her moving on my way to the appointment so I knew she was in there just being a little stinker. This coming Thursday we have another ultrasound scheduled, I can't wait!!

I made a ton of progress on the nursery this week. I packed all my craft stuff, moved my work station and cleared out all my other random stuff. I bought two rugs for the room too. Now we just need to move some other furniture out of the room and the paint the dresser and move it in. I think we will be putting the crib together today. Then I can finally start on her bedding, decor, and mobile!

All I want to do is eat donuts!!! But I can't :( Fending off these sweet cravings is the hardest thing about this pregnancy so far but I try my hardest.

I'll be back in a week with the new post until then enjoy this wonderful holiday season!!


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