Nieces and Phood...

Isn't little bear the cutest!?

Today was a busy day! I took a few hours off of work this morning to take my nieces Adrianna and Jasmine to breakfast. They decided on Ihop! I had a strawberry pancake breakfast and Adri had some new red velvet pancakes that looked amazingly sweet! I didn't try them though believe it or not they looked too sweet for me. After breakfast I took them back home where I got to the Blakey boy for a few minutes before I had to head off to work. His little smile is just awesome and he is starting to "talk" now too it's the cutest!

Work was work and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. Then I headed over to my sister's house to cut my other niece's hair. Addison will be starting first grade tomorrow!! It amazes me how fast time seems to fly as you watch the little ones grow up. We cut a good 8 inches off her hair and she said she looked like "fashion"! HAHAHA! She is hilarious and the things she says are always shocking to hear her say. The tree of us went to dinner since Mandi's hub is out of town. It was fun :)

Now I'm sitting at home with my boys and gonna get ready to hit the sack. Gotta get me some Jerbear and Little Bear kisses first.

Nighty Night!


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