Longgggg Day...

So today I didn't have to work until 9:30am since I traded someone to work my Saturday and I would work their Friday my normal day off. It was only 4 hours, not bad. My bff Michelle came over to hang out with me while I worked and made her most amazing brownie cookies fresh from my oven!!!! OMgosh soo amazing. I think my oven is still in shock since it NEVER get used. For one it's way to freaking hot to turn it on, for two I don't really bake the way I once used too. Shoot I barely even cook thanks to my amazing boyfriend that does most of the cooking around here. He is really good at it too! I'm lucky. After I got off work we went and had some food over at the Asian Flower Bistro it was tasty and followed up with some shopping at Ross where I picked up some adorable new shoes I could NOT resist!

Later in the afternoon Jer and I took out cruiser bikes into our local bike shop for tune-ups! The weather here lately in CO has been just short of amazing. If you know me even a teensy bit you know I LOVE fall weather with all my cold little heart. It just makes me so excited to know soon I hear leaves crunching beneath my feet and or bike tires and my tummy will feel the warmth of pumpkin spice lattes.

And of course my Friday is not complete unless I seen the baby Blakey! I stopped by my rents and he just happened to be there in all his chubbiness. His little smile just lights up a room and his grumpiness is hilarious. He just turned three months and he is very strong, very round, and enjoys riding around in his stroller. Oh and let's not forget the fun fact that he can fit his entire little fist in his mouth and holds his own bottle.

I just woke up a little bit ago around 11pm after a wonderful nap and now I'm watching Dexter Season One ALL over again. I'm still in love with him nothing has changed :)

Goodnight World and Happy Weekend!!!


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