Friday, August 26, 2011

Scentsy Stampede and Work...

Hello Lovlies!

So my medical leave of absence is finally winding down *tear* I took one to get my diabetes under control and let me tell you I feel completely better! Still tired but I don't think that will ever go away but my numbers are good, I've lost weight, and I feel happy. I go back to work on Monday and I'm actually ready to go back, I guess I needed a break from the stress too.

So in other new the Scentsy convention in Fort Worth, Texas was soooo much fun! I don't even know where to being telling you about it! Which is why I've been putting off this blog! I'll give you a quick run throughs of each days of the trip and end each post with some pictures :) There is too much to cover in one post!

*We left early early Wednesday morning & caught our plane in Colorado Springs thanks to my little sis driving us to the airport* We switched planes in Denver after our 20 minute flight in a teenie tiny plane to the Dallas/Fort Airport* From there we took a van to our hotel The Omni which was directly across the street from the convention center, talk about convienent!* We all unpacked and then head over to the convention center to register* We got out lanyard/badages/tokens/and other info* Later that evening we took buses to the Stockyards where Clint Black and Gloriana were playing a concert* It was sooo dang hot out there so I opted out of going to the concert and decided to go do my favorite thing ever SHOP!* There were some really cute shops I discovered and restraunts too * I found an amazing bead shop where the bead were super cheap! I was a happy camper in that store * After that I took the bus back to the hotel and just hung out and I think I ate at the restraunt in the hotel? hmm can't remember I ate soo much it all kinda runs together :/

Now on to the pictures!!!

You got discounts at most of the stores at the Stockyards if you wore your Scentsy bandana!

Just some random cowboy hangin' out.

Our goodie bags our Directer Kolsie made for us! She went way overboard...she's awesome!!!

I knew Scentsy girls loved bling but didn't even understand the true meaning of BLING! until I went to convention!!! It was soo fun wearing all this stuff, it's right up my alley.

Here are the Colorado girls from our team :) Yes, I look like a complete nerd, I was excited ok!

I thought this restraunt was too cute!

The Stockyards

Oh that's just me on the brink of dying of a heat stroke :)

World's largest belt buckle @ Billy Bob's

Random Gigantic spur! You don't want get kicked in the rump with that sucker!


How cute is this sign?

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