Saturdays are good days...

Happy Saturday everyone! This year has been flying by already and had been super busy for me. Between work, cleaning, crochet, and helping my mom with her Scentsy stuff I just go with the flow, meanwhile the clock just keeps on tickin'.

Today was kinda busy I worked until noon then when home and got ready for my little two year old Audrey's birthday party. This party for a two year old was INSANE! They had a cotton candy machine, a two-tiered cake, minnie mouse chocolate covered apples, chocolate covered marshmellows, a bounce house, pinata, tattoos, games, dress-up, pizza, a giant minnie head made out of dum-dum suckers!!! There was more but I just can't remember it all. My nieces has a great time and I guess I did too, then again I'm just a big kid :) I'm off work tomorrow! Gonna clean and get organized for the week.

Here are a few photos from today at the party!


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