A Broken Social Scene Weekend...

This weekend was so much fun! Jeremiah and I took a little journey to Boulder, Colorado. We got tickets for "Broken Social Scene" on Saturday night. So we went up around noon on Saturday, checked in to our hotel, and headed for downtown. I love Boulder the scenery it so pretty and the shopping is awesome! We found the venue for the show and parked close by then just walked to the "Pearl Street Mall" which is an out door mall with tons and tons of cool little artsy shops and musicians playing up and down the street, magic acts, and there was a cowboy (I wish I got a picture) who was completly painted in bronzed paint and looked like a statue, it was pretty cool. I got some of the most awesome boots from the "croc store", bright yellow rain boots! We ate at a place called "Lazy Dog" it was tasty and the brownie sunday I had was so delicious. After dinner we head to the venue, got stamped and tickets taken, we decided to sit during the show since we had been walking all day. We sat up in the balcony and the sits were perfect. Well I guess minus the girl and guy dancing and shaking there butts in Jeremiah's face through the who BSS set, I thought it was funny.

The show was soo great. I just love when you see a show and they sound just as good as their albums if not better. They played for over two hours and pretty much played one song right after another. Jeremiah bought me a scarf from their merchandise booth with was pretty sweet of him :) Then we headed back to the hotel drank some tea and vending amchine snacks and hit the sack. I slept great! Believe it or not that hotel bed was super comfy and the pillows too.

Sunday we woke up had breakfast at the hotel, got ready packed, and headed to Denver to meet out friend Cameron for brunch (which turned into lunch). We ate at a place called "Mona's". I had a turkey club and it had sprouts (my fav), it was dang good! Then we stopped off in Colorado Springs on our way home at "Whole Foods" bout a few things and came home. I was so exhausted and immediately took a longish nap. All in all the weekend was pretty great. Next show in in a week and a half :) Week are going to Denver to see "Akron Family"/

How was your weekend? Any shows in your near future??

xoxo. Ren


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