Monday, August 9, 2010

Wow, It's been five years....

It's amazing how time flys by so quickly and how things are always changing. Looking back five years ago I would never imagine things are the way they are now. It seems crazy to even think the first person that I met when I moved to North Carolina would be gone. His name was Chris aka "Katz". He was the best friend of my ex and came to the airport with him to pick me up when I first arrived to live in North Carolina the duty station assigned by the army. I had heard many stories of this character and was excited to finally meet him. We hit it off like we had known each other forever. He always felt kinda like a brother. It was weird too because he has a sister named Amanda and so do I and my brother's name is Chris too. Weird. Anyhow we always had great conversation and good times usually while eating his favorite ice cream Breyers cookie dough. He was such a kind, generous, and funny person. As with most people enlisted in the army the time came for him to be deployed to Afghanistan. I was pretty sad about it because he was like my family away from family. We all said our goodbyes when he brought his stuff over to store at our house while he was gone. He called me later and asked if I could come pick up one more bag that he forgot to leave at the house. So I came over to his barracks got out of the car and opened the trunk he threw is duffel bag in. I said ok be safe and make sure you let me know if you need anything. He said "don't worry, I will". We hugged and went on our way. I knew when I was driving away that, that would be the last time I would ever see him. I don't know how I knew but I did. I put it out of my mind and we received a few letters and pictures from him now and again. I would send him care packages of beef jerky, magazines, and bubble gum. Then one morning I work up like every other morning for work by the sound of my clock radio. It was tuned to a local station I always listened to. I ironed my clothes and as I was laying them on the bed they made an announcement that a Ft. Bragg solider had been killed but a roadside bomb. Before they could even say the name I knew in my gut that it was Chris. It was unreal. I couldn't even believe it. All I kept thinking was I hear about soldiers being killed everyday and that I'm living this life I never in a million years thought I would and now effected by the loss of someone close to me. I didn't know what to do I was just numbed by the situation. I couldn't think about anything other than it could happen again to someone else I know. It's been 5 years today that we passed away but I always keep him in my mind and heart. He is truly an American hero. He was a medic and it was said he was still making jokes trying to make everyone happy when he was on the operating table. That's just how he was he put others before himself. I miss you Katz.

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