The winds are changing...

I think it's weird no matter when school starts the weather knows it and suddenly changes. I love the change because it's one more day closer to Autumn weather my absolute favorite time of year. I can't believe my oldest niece is already going into sencond grade! Our family's first little baby is not a baby anymore she's growing up. She is hilarious, she literally was dying to lose a front tooth so she basically messed with it until it became loose and yanked it out herself. What a nut! Then Addison on the other hand is going to school full time now too and it's so funny because this little stylish four year old has to wear uniforms and she tells my sister she doesn't want to wear blue polos everyday she wants to wear a Hello Kitty shirt. That's my niece alright.
Her are my neices when they were just little babes :(

On another note I got back from my Omaha trip on Sunday and boy have I been tired. I'm still trying to catch up on my rest. It was great to see my friends and Adria's little baby boy Emory. He is simply adorable. I call him my little boyfriend now because he literally would not take his eyes off of me the whole time I was there. The wedding was sweet, colorful, and HOT! It started at one-thirty and ended around five-ish. They served mini cupcakes, gelato, and sorbet inset of food. It was soo cute. The whole trip was nice I got a pedicure and ate some delicious food.


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