Time for a little R&R...

(photo found on weheartit.com)

So today is the 4th day of my 5 day vacation of doing pretty much nothing. It's been amazing to just be lazy and shopping. Today I went to Colorado Springs with Jeremiah and his parents and sister to the flea market. That was rather interesting and fun. It was the biggest flea market I have been to yet but I hear this one was still pretty small compared to some of the other ones around. I had a cherry slush and Miah bought me a pretty glass necklace. I love it and will have to post a picture of it soon! After that we all went and ate at Olive Garden that was yummy and followed by a another shopping trip to Gordman's I found some awesome rainbow wellies there at a steal of a price and can't wait to post those either. I'm just not feeling like doing a photo shoot at the moment. We concluded the day trip with some wonderfully tasty Panera my absolute favorite. I grabbed an orange scone , an oatmeal raisin cookie, and a frozen mango drink! Mmmmmm...mmmm.

The rest of my days have been pretty much filled with swiiming, soaking uo some rays, and more shopping. I've been in pretty good spirits lately and I'm glad I've been able to take time off from work to relax my mind and body.

What have you been doing in this hot weather lately???



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