Finding Comfort...


I've missing in action for quite some time here! Just busy the warmer it gets the busier I get it seems. So I finally moved out of my duplex at the end of the month and got my entire deposit back! The landlord even told me I deserved and award for how clean I left the place (he did't even notice the quarter size hole in the middle of my bedroom wall I filled in with cinnamon flavored toothpaste last minute!! hee hee hee!)

So now I'm staying with some friends just around the corner from where my new apartment is going to be. I have been living the life over there let me tell you. It's been really nice and I feel totally at home. I'll actually kinda be sad to leave. Which is kinda weird for me cause I usually don't do well living with people. I need my space!

Today should be a warm day so I think I might take a dip in the pool after I go to the dentist.

xoxo. Ren


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