Where is my bed?...

I've just spent the better part of my night listing my laptop, laptop case, shoes and bags on Ebay. Check out my stuff if your interested Ebay Stuff! I decided since this is going to be like my 100th move I would try to lighten my load since I seem to accumulate soooo much stuff, ha! Just kidding not 100 but it feels like it. I want to try to get as much stuff packed as I can early so i don't have to rush and pack sloppy. I've become a pro-packer/unpacker. There is a science to it except I don't know what it is exactly. I think it maybe the fact that I'm a little OCD. When I move into a new place it seems like my stuff is like one of those little pop-up tents fast and easy. Everything already has a place before its out of the box. My mom always said "if it doesn't have a place it's trash!" I live by that. If I want it enough to keep it better have a place! I also went and bought a couple totes to start the process.

Today was Addi's little Spring Musical. She was of course adorable and making the funniest faces. She is such a little goofball. She did a great job! Then the fam headed across the street after the show and had some Dairy Queen. It was pretty tasty.

I have a couple packages I need to mail to some friends that I've had for at least six months!!! One needs to go to Nebraska and the other to North Carolina. I NEED to get them out I better not move with them that would just be sad. Hee hee! We'll see!

I'm off to sort more laundry and potential ebay items while listening to Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson's "Break Up" album. It's amazing, I luff it!

Here is the messiest room on earth right now! It's killing me!


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