This little piggy...

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I'm loving little piggies these days. They are so adorable, do cha think!? Their little snouts crack me up. I wish I could have one. The third picture from the top is my absolute favorite! A pig in little rainboots, I can now die a happy girl after seeing this :)

Today seems to be jam packed with things to do. Here is what my day looks like.

- 9:30 sign contract for new apartment, hooray!!!
- 10:00 dentist appt., ouch!
- 12:45 Addison's Pre-school graduation, woo hoo!!
- Pick up some tomatoes for a church fundraiser and drop them off, yumm!!
- Drop off a Ladybug hat order, cha-ching$
- Pack a little bit and take the stuff to storage, blech!
- 6:00 dinner including awesome conversation with Rhonda, sigh! :)

What are you doing today? Anything fun or exciting?


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