Saturday, May 22, 2010

Luau's are no place for a stuffy nose...

OMGosh! I seriously need to get rid of this stuff have stuffy nose cold/allergies thing I got going on. It's soo annoying, but I will survive I guess. My weekend through June are pretty much booked up with parties. It's pretty nuts. Let's see tonite I have our Resonate Luau, tomorrow is Addison's Littlest Pet Shop birthday party, then the following weeekends I have more birthday parties, graduation parties, and a baby shower to go. Now that I think of it Father's Day too! With me moving and everything else I should be pretty busy not like I'm not busy enough already but I like it this way.

Speaking of the move I've moved a little bit of stuff into the storage unit this week and will do more this week on my days off. It's coming along really nice and organized since I started early and can take my time. I can't wait to get into my apartment and be on my own again. There is just something about that peace an quiet that I love. Plus I will be close to two friend from church who will be living inthe same complex so that should be fun!

Well I better get going I need to cut some fruit up for the "creamy Hawaiian Fruit Salad" I'm making for the luau!

Hope you are having fun in the sun!

xoxo. Ren

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