Bunnies a month later...

Hi! I'm having a pretty easy going day so far. I went to my diabetic appointment for some tips and education. It was ok I think it was helpful but I don't I'm gonna do the continuing education. It's really expensive and I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on things for now and a good support system. They I headed over to my parents and called on the apartment I'm looking into moving to. I called and me and my mom went to check it out together so I could get her opinion on it. She liked it too. It's a small two bedroom, one bath and just my size. The main thing is that is quiet and really clean! They have to run a backround check then I can fill out an application so I'm sure there shouldn't be any problem getting into it. Later on I'm going shopping with my mom and then to our annual Mother's Day Red Lobster lunch! I take her every year, we love it there. Then this evening I have a small group meeting for church and exercise!

Here are some photos of the bunnies I made my nieces for Easter that I forgot to post. Oops! I hope you like them, I think they are cute!


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